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First it was a dream and then a challenge, now it is a transforming

Our schools cutting-edge methodology is promoting a change in the culture of global educational practices. Sustainability, entrepreneurship, digital fluency and collaboration are some of the pillars that guide our philosophy and make the families who chose Concept certain that they have made the best choice for their children education.

Grupo SEB

Concept is SEB Group's newest school, one of the most solid and respected educational institutions in Brazil. SEB is responsible for over 45,000 children and young people education, in 39 campuses, spread on 8 states and 16 cities.

Here, classrooms old model with desks lined up and students separated into age groups gave way to a favorable environment developed for each student to learn and prepare for the changes in the world, without giving up MEC’s common national base. Students passion defines how they will learn, not the other way around.

Inspiration that comes from
the inside and outside as well

Our school is not only an alternative to traditional teaching but rather a model committed to anticipating the urgent and inevitable changes we see in school dynamics. Therefore, it is natural that we are close to partners such as Singularity University, TED ED School, MIT, UN and several other initiatives with a global impact to transform the world.

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Av. Luiz Eduardo Toledo Prado, 2675
Vila do Golf • Ribeirão Preto/SP

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